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    After finding a setting in the config.php that enables logging to a log file inside of /application/logs/ i was able to see that the application was erroring out when it attempted to load cURL for google authentication. By default this feature is active and can be deactivated on you are logged in. I guess I had forgotten to load the php-curl extension.

    I do think that the developer should add this to the system checks when installing. The script said I had everything I needed with all green checkmarks. Also when I went to install and save my database settings there was an error saying that the directory was not writable – so I had to go change the permissions (775) on /application/config/ before it would install properly. Just my two cents:)

    Oh! and one more thing! Once you log in, create a brand new admin account and delete the old one. There is some default routing that is not set correctly for that account. Happy Trails to anyone who comes searching for this:)



    I have the exact problems as yours and I dont know how to solve it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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