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Update : Flash Games, HTML5 and ROMs – PHP Script (Version 1.2.0)

  • Added HTML5 Games support and HTML5 Importation support
  • Added support from other websites HTML5 & Flash (embed and iframe)
  • Added game support with a new web emulator for Roms Games
  • Added support for new consoles (nes, snes, gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advance, sega)
  • Added Spilgames support and Auto import Feed HTML5 & Flash
  • Added GamePix support and Auto import Feed HTML5
  • Added 4J support and Auto import Feed HTML5
  • Added Tresensa support and Auto import Feed HTML5
  • Added Support for the French language
  • New responsive display for Games on Home and Catérories pages (new grid system)
  • New responsive display on games page (fullscreen and responsive design)
  • Added option for change the number of columns on home pages and category pages
  • Import instructions for games, keywords, tips, authors, and categories.
  • Added Conditions for registration page for login
  • Added Creation of sub-categories
  • Added: Editing the text of the usage condition page.
  • Fixed menu style for smartphone
  • Fixed : Sort notes in profile by score
  • Fixed a problem in iPad in the menu
  • Fixed errors when importing some streams
  • Fixed: Display new logo on the login pages
  • Fixed problem with icone at the bottom of page in mobile
  • Fixed problem with Sharebox on game page

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