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Update : Flash Games, HTML5 and ROMs – PHP Script (Version 1.0.1)

  • Fixed an error when the category page is empty.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to score a game unlimitedly.
  • Fixed the bug making impossible to delete image files and swf in the media tab.
  • Correction of the message “connection impossible” displayed by default on the login page.
  • Fixed bug making impossible to delete comments in backend (list of all comments).
  • Correction: “new” buttons in the home page which now refer to the new page.
  • Fixed field duplication error when registering.
  • Fixed the “remember me” option on the login page that was not working properly.
  • Added : It is now possible to make a new request to send the confirmation mail when the account is not yet approved.
  • Added the ability to change password via a link sent by mail.
  • The security key now changes when it is used for changing password or registering.
  • When a media is deleted, the entry is now also deleted in the database.
  • On the play page of the games, the note returns now “not saved” if the player is not logged.
  • Fixed a display problem in the footer for mobile sites.
  • Number of rating is now returned on the game pages (star rating).
  • Fixed a problem in Setup at the last step (creating the database but showing a warning message).
  • Fixed responsive menu display for smartphones and tablets.
  • Fixed 2 edits links to widgets at the bottom of the dashboard that were reversed.
  • Fixed the bug to add a favorite game several times.
  • Fixed session problems that may occur on certain web servers.
  • Added a confirmation email for changing password.
  • Minor CSS style fix.

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