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Update : Flash Games, HTML5 and ROMs – PHP Script (Version 1.1.0)

  • Pagination of games
  • Managing paging of games in administration
  • Pagination of comments
  • Managing paging of comments in administration
  • Ability to delete own comments
  • Possibility to forbid comments on his profile
  • Reply to comments
  • 3 nesting levels in the comments
  • I like or dislike the comments
  • Pagination in the profile of the members
  • Showing best comments on the game pages
  • Added a page of the members who play the most, comment the most, have the most favorites or notes, etc.
  • Widget player who likethe game (favorites) (thumbnails players)
  • Dashboard (fix): (Comments) Show the name of the game in the list instead of the id
  • Improved search results page
  • Added keyword support for games
  • Enabling caching of html pages in the dashboard
  • Media pagination in the dashboard
  • Fixed a problem that returned an error in Dashboard statistics when no game has yet been played to calculate statistics
  • Add on the profiles the total of the notes, the total of the comments and the total of the favorites and display them in boxes under the photo
  • Logo edition in the dashboard (text, images, library of icons included)
  • Adding new pages to sitemap

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